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Are you ready to Learn to Drive?

Accelerate your Learning

What makes you ready?

  • Reason
  • Desire
  • Commitment 
  • Open to Learn
  • Personal Responsibility
  • Time to Reflect, Evaluate & Plan


What is your reason for learning to drive? Is it your parents want you to learn, work want you to learn or most importantly is it you, want to learn? Learning accelerates when you want to learn. "When I want to, I learn better than when I have to, I want to for me, I have to for you"
Your reason is your motivation to make it happen. if you write down a list of the benefits passing your driving test will bring to you, then pick out your top five write them down and place it somewhere you can see every day, look at them before your driving lessons, make each driving lesson count.

A common question a driving instructor is asked is, how many lessons will I need, there is no fixed number everyone learns differently and at different paces, another factor will be you the learner and how much effort you put into each lesson and preparation between lessons.


How much desire do you have for learning to drive? How can you measure your desire? You can scale your desire from a scale of 0 - 10, 0 being low and 10 being high, the higher the score the stronger the desire, the lower the score the less effort you will put into your learning and the longer the process will be. More the effort, easier the task.

Your reason for learning and the benefits it will bring need to be in alignment with your desire to enable your desire to motivate and keep you on track. If your desire drops rewrite benefits list to boost your desire.


Your commitment to the cause is vital, learning to drive can become expensive and a lengthy process if you allow yourself to become distracted by outside influences, affecting your effort in between driving lessons and unnecessarily cancelling lessons

Open to Learn.

Sometimes it can be or feel a little daunting learning something new, this can leave you feeling negative towards learning developing into a negative mindset, affecting your confidence, progress, and loss of interest, open your mind and adopt a positive mindset.

Adopting a positive mindset, by thinking positive thoughts change the way you feel and the actions you take, promotes learning, raises your self awareness of new experiences and opening up options.

Personal Responsibility.

What is Personal Responsibility? its being aware of your own thoughts, beliefs and actions, accepting that they are yours, understanding the consequences of them and taking ownership, it can be so easy to defer blame with excuses, delaying development.

the more aware you become of your actions raises your self awareness enabling you to takes responsibility for your own learning and enhancing your development.

Time to Reflect, Evaluate & Plan.

Putting time aside in between driving lesson to Reflect, look back on what was learnt from your previous lesson. Evaluate what was good and what could be better. Plan what course of action to take for your next lesson.
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